Name Change to Authentic Church
For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost. Luke 19:10 NLT
We are in the process of changing our name to Authentic Church.
Why? Changing our name to Authentic Church is an outward action that reveals our new God-breathed identity to our post-Christian society.
Over the past 3 years, God led the elders to join Him as He broadened our focus to be His authentic people to a post-Christian city, region, and world.
From the beginning, TBC has had a missiological focus, which in short is a focus on the not-yet saved (non-Christian) people. In 1898, our name was First Swedish Baptist Church with a focus on Swedish people. Over time, God expanded our focus to English speaking people and a new building at 3459 17th Street and Guerrero Street in the Mission District. In 1946, God further broadened our focus to move to the developing Western Sunset neighborhood, which required building a new building at 3355 19th Avenue. God has once again expanded our missiological focus this time to our post-Christian city, region and world.
We will continue to be a part of the American Baptist denomination. Our region is called Growing Healthy Churches.
Authentic is an adjective meaning genuine and real that is supported by unquestionable evidence.
Church is people who are followers of Jesus.
Authentic Church = followers of Jesus who are genuine and accurately represent God and the Bible with verifiable evidence of His Presence and Truth in our lives.
The name Authentic invites the world into relationship with us to examine and determine for themselves that God is real. Over time, they should have firsthand evidence of God’s love and power. Lord willing, God will use us to bring them into an authentic relationship with Himself.
As stated above, changing our name is a process. The elders voted in June to change the name. The current members have to vote to approve the name change. We anticipate an early November 2020 congregational meeting and vote. The elders are available to meet with everyone who desires to discuss changing our name to Authentic Church.
Please contact Pastor Greg if you have an encouragement, question or desire to meet.