The Kingdom C.H.A.S.M.

The term “chasm” is defined as being a “a large gap or a profound difference between people, worldviews, feelings, values and etc.” When we speak of “the Kingdom C.H.A.S.M.” we are referring to three specific things. First, we are referring to the profound differences between the worldly ways of humanity, in comparison with the ways of God’s kingdom. Second, we’re referring to the differences between the overall worldview and the wholistic being of a saved Christian, versus that of a fully realized and fully actualized heavenly kingdom citizen who is living in the fullness of God’s presence and kingdom here on earth. Third, we’re using the term “chasm” as an acronym (C.H.A.S.M). An acronym that stands for character, heart, alignment, spirit and mind.   


Therefore, when we speak of the Kingdom C.H.A.S.M. we’re speaking of five specific areas of a Christian’s life, of our life, where we’re seeking transformation because we’re not yet fully experiencing the kingdom of God in them. Simply put, the Kingdom C.H.A.S.M. refers to the areas of our lives where we’re not yet fully enjoying or fully living in Christlikeness. Which is why we’re looking for God to partner with us, in order to close this chasm, in order to be more of who God created us to be, and in order to fulfill God’s desire for us to reflect His kingdom character, His kingdom heart, His kingdom alignment, His kingdom spirit and His kingdom mind. Ultimately, when we refer to the Kingdom C.H.A.S.M., we’re referring to the chasm between who we are today; as saved Christians who are in a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, and who we are becoming as God is at work molding us, refining us and transforming us; in order for us to be fully actualized and fully realized citizens of God’s heavenly kingdom here on earth.


With this in mind, it is the goal of KE&T to partner with each of its members for the purpose of assisting them through God’s transformative processes of closing the Kingdom C.H.A.S.M in their being and lives. By looking at everything we do through the lens of the Kingdom C.H.A.S.M, we’ll add more relevance and sustenance to why we’re learning and why we’re studying. Even more, it will give us specific areas of focus wherein we can apply and receive God’s transformation.