KE&T 1st Module Downloadable Resources



2-5-17                           Class Orientation
2-12-17                         God’s Beloved Child
2-19-17                         Redeemed by the Blood of Christ
2-26-17                         The Temple of the Holy Spirit Part 1
3-5-17                           Temple of the Holy Spirit Part 2
3-19-17                         Called to be a Saint
3-26-17                         The Friend of God
4-2-17                           A New Creature
4-9-17                           God's Special Treasured Possession
4-16-17                         Easter Sunday – NO CLASS
KE&T 2nd Module Downloadable Resources
4-23-17                         A Present Reality or A Future Hope?
4-30-17                         The Realities of the Kingdom of Heaven
It’s most important to realize that when God created you to be in a relationship with Him, He put many things in you through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the combination of which, no one else has. Therefore, God called you to be you, not someone else. Sadly, much too often some Christians have equated “maturing” in Christ with conforming to someone else’s idea or standard of what being a Christian is or looks like. However, when we merely imitate other Christians it’s like we are saying to God, “instead of being the me You created me to be, I will be someone else for You.” But God knew what He was doing when He created and called you. To give Him less than the you He created you to be, by imitating someone else, is to misunderstand God's will, purpose and perfect plan for your life.
Helping you be the you that God created, is precisely what TBC’s Life Communities aim to do. A helpful Christian life community is built upon a group of varyingly and uniquely gifted, talented and experienced, molded and shaped believers who have chosen to intentionally share, grow and live their lives together for the betterment of each individual, each family and for the betterment of the group collectively. The quintessential life community aims to have all the comforts, advantages, trusts and intimacies of a Holy Spirit led-loving family, coupled with the differing experiences, viewpoints and cultures of your Christian neighbors who are all living in and around your world.
Most of the people in our community are not of the same age, the same temper nor of the same taste. They do not dress alike, eat alike, or think alike. They do not have the same ambitions, the same attitudes, or the same perspectives. And yet, those that choose to stay together do so because they are held together by that divine, invisible bond of affection, which overrules all tension and strain called love. Living together with others in harmony, especially with those in one’s own home and community, is one of many ways in which we experience a glimpse of God’s love, and the reality of His Kingdom here on earth.
The gift of being the you that God created you to be, in community, refers to your own uniqueness within the community. At TBC, you're encouraged to maintain your God breathed individuality within the community. Won't you join us, so that you can learn how to be more of the you that God created you to be?